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  1. Pneumatic Air Polish MachinePneumatic Air Polish Machine

    Pneumatic Air Polish Machine

    The NEW Terminator® Wet Air Polisher is perfect for grinding and polishing materials such as marble, granite, porcelain, and engineered stone. This durable tool is able to compete with brands that are more than 30% higher in price! Its rear air vent exhaust, smooth bearings, and simple to use construction makes this polisher a clear winner. - Maximum 5" disc size - 8’ water hose, 5' air hose - 3.5’ air/water hose protector - Handle adjustable for left and right handed fabricators - 16 CFM at 90 PSI - Requires a 5 horsepower compressor - 90 day limited warranty.
  2. Terminator Dressing MachineTerminator Dressing Machine

    Terminator Dressing Machine

    $8,500 + Shipping

    - Offline dressing machine - Variable speed, 0-1,000 RPM - Ability to customize machine to any cone type* - Zero tolerance Spindle - Works with 40 taper tool holders, length up to 120mm - Works with abrasive tooling up to 5" in diameter - Adjustable, tilting tray for optimizing dressing - Safety guard included *Breton HSK-63F require an additional charge Installation Requirements - 110V 15 amp - To be used in a dry and well lit environment - Can be used wet or dry - Ability to be used with a vacuum system
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  3. Zares IIIZares III

    Zares III

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    3D Optical CNC Tool Measuring System

    • - 2016 TISE Awards Winner, Best of Product & Best of Technology
    • - Universal Tool Presetting
    • - Telecentric lens calibrated up to 5 microns
    • - 360° tool scan in 10 seconds
    • - Full CNC machine integration
    • - 100% Offline
    • - And much more!

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3 Item(s)