Back Up Pads

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  1. Terminator Aluminum Back-up Pads

    Terminator Aluminum Back-up Pads

    - These back-up pads are made of high quality aluminum and feature a durable velcro mat.
  2. Terminator Back-Up Pads

    Terminator Back-Up Pads

    - Durable construction - The soft back-up pads are constructed with a 7mm rigid cushion that gives a softer, more responsive feel when polishing.
  3. Terminator Rubber Back-Up Pads

    Terminator Rubber Back-Up Pads

    - Rubber Back-Up Pads
  4. Terminator Ogee Back-Up Pads

    Terminator Ogee Back-Up Pads

    - Constructed of light weight aluminum, this backer pad utilizes a 6mm radius lip to polish ogees and other concave shapes alike.

4 Item(s)