Terminator Radial Arm Finger Bits

- Replaceable diamond tips - used with radial arm routers & CNC saws with spindle option [i.e. Park Ind. Saber Saw]
- Newly designed 25mm diamond tips - performance / smooth cutting
- Left hand thread option available
- Material Type: Granite, Marble & Engineered Stone

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Item # Options Price
ZTH25 Cutting Tip 58.00
FBHD 1/2" Gas Holder [70mm Length] 35.00
FBHD-25L 1/2" Gas Holder [25mm Length] 35.00
ZTH25-LH Left Hand Thread - Cutting Tip 58.00
FBHD-PRK-LH Left Hand Thread 1/2" Gas Holder 39.00
USD $ 35.00