Terminator Knockout Snail Lock Flat Polish Wheels

- Excellent for engineered stone applications (will not burn)
- White resin pads that do not leave pigmentation stains in your stone
- Aggressive
- 7.5mm thick segments for increased life
- Honeycomb pattern for optimal water dispersement
- Snail Lock backer
- Fit for use on C-frame machines and water-fed angle grinders/air polisher tools
- Material Type: Engineered Stone and Granite
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Item # Price
8T-100LKO1800 65.20
8T-100LKO3500 65.20
8T-100LKO800 65.20
8T-100LKO400 65.20
8T-100LKO220 65.20
8T-100LKO120 65.20